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Sirotkin Andrey Vyacheslavovich, Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor, dean of the faculty of natural sciences and mathematics, Northeasten State University (13 Portovaya street, Magadan, Russia),
Brachun Tat'yana Anatol'evna, Doctor of philosophy, head of sub-department of informatics, Northeasten State University (13 Portovaya street, Magadan, Russia),
Barkhatov Nikolay Igorevich, Student, Northeasten State University (13 Portovaya street, Magadan, Russia), 

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Background. Modern architectural solutions of data sources for the automated systems are based on the use of computing systems founded on the preemptive task management algorithms. Without proper management such decisions cause stochastic delays in the information service. It creates a problem for systems depending on the efficiency of information and accordingly requires sources for its solution. Low budget desicions based on selected personal computers don’t have such sources and therefore researches in this field are of high relevane.
Materials and methods. Management plans which are based on information about the subject of communication and information objects are used for task management planning.The Unix FreeBSD operating system is investigated, dependence of delay in service on competing processes in a computer system and their basic priorities are analysed. On the basis of the experiments conducted through the methods of correlation and
regression analysis, the analytical dependence of service on major management ptiorities is obtained.
Results and conclusions. The possibility of information management processes in computing systems based on a user-search priorities is confirmed, numerical and analytical results, dependence of the speed of service on management decisions is obtained. The results may be used in formation of operated priority systems for information services. 

Key words

information system, information interaction, information process.

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